Get Started on the X528 Testnet

Beta Test Instructions:
  1. 2.
    Open your Metamask wallet
  2. 3.
    Add either (F) Ethereum or (F) Arbitrum network see steps below:
  3. 4.
Step 1: Click on your network
Step 2: Click “Add network”
Step 3: Click “Add a network manually”
Step 4: To add (F) Ethereum network use:
a) Network name: testnet-eth.x528.io
b) New RPC URL: https://testnet-eth.x528.io
c) Chain ID: 5578
d) Currency Symbol: ETH
e) See screenshot below
Step 5: To add Arbitrum network”
a) Network name: testnet-arb.x528.io
b) New RPC URL: https://testnet-arb.x528.io
c) Chain ID: 1337
d) Currency Symbol: ETH
e) See screenshot below
Step 6: Select the network you want to use:
Step 7: Connect wallet:
See below for additional steps:
Step 8: Copy your wallet address
Step 9: Email [email protected] with the subject line “Beta Test ETH” and paste your wallet address in the body of the email
Step10: Receive ETH in your account
Step 11: Click the arrow button in the middle to change to selling ETH
Step 11: Choose the token you want to swap
Step 12: Swap
Thanks for trying our testnet! If you want to share any feedback please email [email protected]
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