What is a DEX Aggregator?
A DEX aggregator is a protocol that looks at multiple different liquidity sources to find the best price for your transaction
Is X528 secure?
Every transaction on X528 is insured providing total security for our users
What blockchain does X528 use?
X528 uses Ethereum and Arbitrum blockchains
Does X528 have a token?
Yes X528 has a governance token which gives holders the right to vote and submit proposals in the DAO
When is the token launch date?
Our token launch is anticipated for Q2 2023
Who is behind X528?
X528 is a community-driven project. The initial development work was done by the 528 Foundation and EvaCodes. You can learn more about X528 DAO here.
When will the X528 dApp be available?
The X528 app will have a beta version available for use in Q2 2023
Can I sign up to be a beta tester for the X528 dApp?
You can sign up to be one of our beta tests by clicking the link here
Will X528 have a token airdrop?
If you sign to be a beta tester for our app, we will air drop you 2,500 X528 tokens. Sign up to be a beta tester here
How do I get an X528 NFT?
Join our Discord to find out more information
How do I purchase X528?
X528 will be listing on a launchpad in Q2 2023. Join our email mailing list to be the first to know!
Can I stake my X528 tokens?
You can stake your X528 tokens which will give you voting rights in the DAO. See staking for more info