Setting Up a Wallet

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Note: To interact with the X528 DEX aggregator, you will need a Web3 wallet. Learn which wallets are supported by X528 and how to set them up.

Download one of the wallets supported by X528

Tutorial - How to set up a Metamask wallet

  1. Go to and click on the download button.

2. Choose what device you want to install MetaMask on.

3. If installing for your web browser click on β€˜β€™Add to Chrome’’

4. Click on β€˜β€™Add extension’’

5. Once the extension installs, click on β€˜β€™Get started’’

6. Click on β€˜β€™Create a wallet’’

7. Set a password for your MetaMask wallet and click on ''Create''

8. Click on β€˜β€™Reveal secret words’’

  • This is your secret phrase make sure you store it somewhere safe. In the event of a device crash or a browser reset, this is the only way to recover your funds. It is recommended that you write it down. Most people write down their 12-word phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a place where only they can access it. (Make sure you write down the words in the correct order)

  • In the event that your seed phrase is lost, MetaMask will not be able to assist you in recovering your wallet, and your funds will be lost forever.

  • Never share your secret phrase or private key with anyone.

  • Once you have written down your secret phrase, click on β€˜β€™Next’’

9. Enter your secret phrase in the correct order and click on β€˜β€™Confirm’’

10. Your MetaMask wallet is all set up, click on β€˜β€™All done’’ to access it

You can access your Metamask wallet at any time by clicking on Chrome's extension icon and selecting the Metamask icon.

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