Fee Structure


The X528 Interface has a dynamic fee structure that uses both a fixed swap fee along with capturing any positive slippage generated on each trade.

Swap Fees

The X528 platform will generate revenue through charging a spread fee on all transactions. This fee can be set and managed by the X528 community.

FeeVolume Traded




501k - 1m



Positive Slippage

Positive slippage is a term used in trading to describe a situation where an order is executed at a better price than the one requested by the trader. For example, if a trader places a buy order for a currency pair at a certain price, but the actual execution price ends up being lower than the requested price, then the trade has experienced positive slippage.

The X528 Network captures any positive slippage on trades as additional revenue for the community.

Cash Back Program

As part of our rewards incentives, X528 distributes trade fees back to users. See Loyalty Program for more info.

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