Funding Your Wallet

To be able to use the X528 platform, you will need to have some Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency in your wallet

Ethereum can be purchased through one of our third party providers Alchemy Pay. See below for a step by step tutorial on how to add Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet.

  1. Click the dropdown under "You Get" and then select ETH - Ethereum (ERC20)

  1. Enter the amount in USD that you want purchase of Ethereum. This can then be used to swap for other cryptocurrencies on the X528 platform with no ramp fees. Once you have selected your amount click "Buy Now"

  1. Click "Proceed - Buy ETH"

  1. Find your Ethereum wallet address. Go to your MetaMask wallet and click the copy icon found underneath your Account info.

  1. Paste your wallet address in the "Enter your address" box

  1. Select your payment method and click "Proceed"

  1. Verify your identity for KYC/AML purposes

  1. Once complete you will receive the Ethereum you purchased into your MetaMask wallet

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