Governance Roles


There are four key roles in X528 Governance which community members may become a part of.

Key Roles:

  1. DAO Chancellors: The DAO Chancellors are a group of community-elected individuals and/or entities that form part of a 6/9 multi-sig with the sole responsibility of protecting the X528 Network.

  2. Delegates: Delegates are community members who have received voting power from other community members or through self-delegation.

  3. Delegators: Delegators are community members who hold stX528 but have entrusted their voting power to another person. The person they delegated their voting power to is considered a delegate.

  4. Contributors: Contributors are community members who participate in and dedicate their time to the X528 DAO. They participate by joining working groups, fulfilling bounties, and/or building on top of the X528 Protocol or for the DAO via grants while working towards completing shared goals.

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