DAO Chancellors


The X528 DAO Chancellors are a group of community-elected individuals or entities who are part of a 6/9 multisig that have certain roles as delegated by the X528 community.

DAO Chancellors are elected members of the X528 community and are tasked to protect the X528 Network from malicious activity. The Chancellors are active contributors for the DAO, and are prepared to act at a moment’s notice to help the community and X528 ecosystem mitigate risk.

Although the DAO makes all decisions regarding the X528 Network, extenuating circumstances may call for the need to act quickly in which case the DAO Chancellors will be to able protect the X528 Network and its users.


The role of the DAO Chancellors is to:

  • Protect the X528 Network against malicious activity by having the ability to “veto” a proposal if it violates any of the Protocol Policies.

  • Lead DAO work groups.

  • Failsafe emergency actor to pause the X528 Network.

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