X528 Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator

The Dashboard is the landing page of X528 which offers a brief overview.
  • Top Movers ↳ Shows the top moving cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours
  • Cryptocurrencies ↳ Add any token to your watchlist for easy tracking
  • Recent News ↳ Latest news about the cryptocurrencies on your watch list


A unique trading experience that provides all the information necessary for a successful trade at your fingertips. Through our build partnership with Qredo, X528 has the ability to search multiple blockchains simultaneously to find the best price for your trades.
  • Chart view ↳ Check historical performance and metrics
  • Trade assets ↳ Market orders - swap any asset with ease ↳ Limit orders - trigger swaps at a specific price
  • Stats ↳ Shows important data about the asset
  • Watchlist ↳ Add any token to your watchlist for easy tracking


Future integration for X528 will include fiat on/off-ramps using third party providers which will enable seamless purchasing and selling of crypto assets directly from your Web3 Wallet.
  • Mercuryo ↳ Buy any asset supported on Mercuryo
  • MoonPay ↳ Buy major crypto assets with your credit card
  • Banxa ↳ On/Off ramp crypto assets using bank transfer


X528 has a unique referral program which allows you to easily refer friends directly from the app and earn rewards.
  • Refer Friends ↳ Share your unique referral code with friends and you'll both benefit.
  • Earn ↳ Receive 5% of any fees generated by your referral code for life. Your referees will also receive 5% cash back on any fees from their trades by using your referral code.