X528 Whitepaper

X528 Decentralized Exchange

X528 is not just a community token, it is also a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator operating on the Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, Optimism and Solana networks. A DEX aggregator searches all available exchanges and liquidity sources to find the best possible price for the user with the lowest fees.
X528 is similar to a usual swap, e.g., Uniswap, but it has several key differences in functionality. These are the most important pros:
  • Fiat on/off ramp: X528 will allow users to purchase crypto directly using third party providers like MoonPay and Simplex.
  • User-friendly: Using swaps, especially multi-chain ones, is cumbersome even for advanced users, X528 will gain traction by replacing complicated swapping UIs with a sleek and easy-to-use interface.
  • Rewards Program: Users of 528 Exchange will receive X528 tokens every time they refer users to our platform. This provides incentive for them to use our platform over any other.
  • Higher Liquidity: Using X528, users will have access to multiple liquidity providers at the same time, so they’ll experience low slippages in transactions.
  • Best Price Sourcing: X528 will find the best source with the lowest fee and best swap rate for your crypto.
These are the top features that X528 gives to users:
  • Community Driven: X528 is owned and operated by its community, with the primary goal of providing value to anyone who uses it.
  • Open and Transparent: All actions, liquidity and assets of X528 are open and transparent on blockchain.
  • Censorship-resistant: There is no central party to control, censor, shutdown, or lock a user’s money.
  • Anonymity: There is no KYC required to use X528; all users have to do is to create a wallet and connect it.
  • Non-custodial: X528 is non-custodial, meaning only you have access to your funds, so there is never any worry of improper handling or misuse of assets like what occurred on FTX or other centralized exchanges.
  • Insured: Each transaction on our exchange is insured, providing total security for our users.